Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tips from an industry insider: If you can't answer the following questions, you're NOT ready for BYOD.

BYOD consulting and transformation.
To BYOD or not to BYOD? That is the question. Optelcon can help your company evaluate the pros and cons of going to a BYOD environment. We also provide processes and tools which keep your data secure, your costs lower and automate the switching process.
There are 4 options when it comes to how companies manage their mobile devices.
1.Complete corporate ownership.
2.Corporate owned with payroll deductions.
2.Complete BYOD strategy.
Every company is different. What works for some companies may not work with others. There are a myriad of issues, challenges and landmines in any strategy.
Some of these issues include:
• Who owns the phone number; the company or individual?
• Security. How will you keep your company data safe in a BYOD or Corp environment?
• Privacy issues related to an employee's personal data.
• E-Discovery. In either environment , are you compliant with recent rulings and regulations?
• Devices. Are you going to buy the devices for your employees or let them purchase them separately?
• Cost. How are you going to determine a fair expense reimbursement?
• How are you going to reimburse your employee? Expense report/expense check, P-Card?
• Taxes. What are the tax implications of employees who receive money for their phones?
• Transition. When moving from one environment to another, how do you implement the new program without disruption of service?
• Carrier considerations – What is the process to change who is now liable for charges?
• Rate Plans & Pools – What will happen to your pool structure if you move large numbers of users to a BYOD environment?
• Contractual – How will any transition impact your current contract, commitments, discounts etc...?
• Policy – Who is going to write the corporate policy and what should be in it?
• Project Management – How is your already stretched IT staff going to manage any transitions?
• Political and personnel issues – How are you going to deal with employees who do not want to either transfer the phone to the company or from the company to the individual?
The key is having established tools, policies, processes and the people who can make a transition go smoothly without taxing your IT staff, or create employee rebellions.  You don't need to re-invent the wheel.